Brains on the Outside

How to get a day off work

November 07, 2022 Alex and Andrew Season 1 Episode 39
Brains on the Outside
How to get a day off work
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We are back with another episode recorded in Brewdog Waterloo's podcast recording studio! The restaurant Dishoom lets loyal customers roll dice to give you free food - can other companies apply this gambling concept to their own business? Then, Alex teaches everyone what a skinner box is, and how the future of everything will be based on them. On top of all this, this episode is unique: we have finally found a real-world business idea as outside-brained as this show. Let us introduce you to Outhorse Your Email!

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Keep your brains on the outside xo

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Dishoom Dice
Real Business Showcase - Outhorse Your Email
Skinners Boxes
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