Brains on the Outside

Unhealthy Meal Subscription Services

February 13, 2023 Alex and Andrew Season 1 Episode 53
Brains on the Outside
Unhealthy Meal Subscription Services
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Welcome to our 1 year anniversary of Brains on the Outside! Over the last 365 days, we have released 52 previous episodes with over 100 ridiculous business ideas! If you've never listened to an episode, this is the perfect place to start! The first innovative pitch idea of year 2 is for a food subscription box for processed foods - half chemistry set, half Mindful Chef.

Plus, we have a live show on the 22nd of February at the Station House, Durham. Please come along!

If you want to send in your business idea, or a problem you need solving, please email us at - we will send merch to everyone who writes in!

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Keep your brains on the outside x

Unhealthy food
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